An innovative new solution currently in development will offer hospitals and cancer centres mobile options for radiotherapy once launched. RAD Technology Medical Systems (RAD) has partnered with Q-bital Healthcare Solutions (Q-bital), a leading provider of flexible healthcare solutions to develop the mobile radiotherapy concept.

US based RAD, which has specialized in constructing modular radiotherapy bunkers for over 10 years, will combine their modular and scientific expertise with Q-bital’s mobile facility know-how to provide mobile radiotherapy facilities across the globe.

While RAD is the industry leader in temporary and interim radiotherapy facilities backed by industry changing patented shielding solutions and expertise, Q-bital has over two decades of mobile healthcare experience with a variety of sophisticated solutions including mobile operating rooms and sterilisation units. The patented Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV) by RAD already provides services to parts of the market.

“We are excited to be able to offer an enhanced mobile radiotherapy solution”, said John Lefkus, RAD President. “This product will meet the needs of a variety of clients in a number of countries based on space and logistic challenges.

“This will offer hospitals the opportunity to continue to treat patients while upgrading their radiotherapy equipment, during a facility renovation or even during a large construction project.”

David Cole, CEO of Q-bital, added, “We are delighted to be working with RAD to create a new innovative solution for the delivery of radiotherapy treatment. These facilities will be able to provide both additional and replacement capacity to current healthcare organizations, allowing them to maintain patient flow and deliver high quality care.”

In addition to their engagement with Q-bital, RAD has created other strategic relationships throughout Europe and have also established a European manufacturing resource located near Krakow, Poland, DMDmodular. DMDmodular provides off-site modular construction technology and specializes in planning, designing and construction. In addition, RAD has opened a new office in Lugano, Switzerland. This office will be the hub for RAD’s European efforts and other international work.

Q-bital has partnered with healthcare providers in the UK, Europe and beyond for almost 20 years. The company provides both modular and mobile temporary healthcare facilities, and have a permanent presence in the UK, the Netherlands and Australia, with a network of other supplier partners providing global coverage.

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